Infinity Danceworks Company

The Infinity Danceworks Company is a group of young dancers who dedicate themselves to focused and extensive dance training. Through this training, they develop self discipline, a good work ethic, and a positive outlook toward accomplishing their personal goals. These dancers are trained to pursue a high standard of performance quality and artisty. Our mission is to expose young dancers to a variety of learning environments that will enhance their training, while giving them the tools to perform and grow as artists.

The Infinity Danceworks Company has been recognized numerous times for their amazing talent and performance level. They truly know how to entertain! These dancers not only get to experience the competition environment, but also get to bond as a team. They foster lifelong friendships and network with many people in the dance industry. Each student gains so much more than just dance; they learn lifelong skills along the way. The Infinity Danceworks Company is much more than just a team, they are a family.

Retro Hip Hop Company

This team is our Hip Hop competition team. This team strictly focuses on hip hop technique, isolations, and strength. Our Retro team has won numerous awards for their high energy dances and high performance level. This team is for students who would like to try out the competition world and get a small taste of what it is like. They are required to take one hip hop class and one technique class per week. If you love Hip Hop and wish to be challenged, then this is the team for you!